Party / Goody Bags – bags of small gifts, treats or goodies given to the guests of the birthday child at a party.

Each party bag / goody bag comes with your very own personalised themed gift tags for your party guests

– what a wonderful way to say “Thank you” to them for celebrating your little precious one’s birthday party with you.

Wishes in a Bag Party / Goody Bags


Each party bag / goody bag has 4 standard fillers and 3 choice party fillers.

The standard party bag / goody bag fillers include:

* 1 Kraft paper Party Bag

1 Themed Gift Tag

1 Puffy Sticker set

2 12-inch Balloons *

All party / goody bags come packed according to your selection – all you need to do is to give it out to your guests. It is that easy… 

Prepacked Party Bags Series

Select one of the prepacked party / goody bags, whose 3 choice party fillers  have been carefully chosen by our helpful elves and fairies. 

Mix and Match Series

Here, toy around with various combinations of party fillers. Select 3 party fillers, in addition to the standard party fillers we provide.

Mystery Party Bags Series

Cannot decide what fillers to add in? Just let us know your party theme / preference, number of little gals and guys, our helpful elves and fairies will wave their magic wands for you…

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