Creative DIY Party Ideas

Simple balloon animals and other toys

Balloons Sculpturing

Balloons, no matter the size or shape, always have a very uplifting effect on the entire party atmosphere. Hard to believe it is only air inside these candy coloured latex that is adding the wowez to our little Precious One’s birthday celebration. If you are keen to include these age-old toys* in your child’s party and you are not too keen to have the floaty ones, why not consider adding these balloon sculptures onto the scene?

Better still, if your children are of school-going age, and can follow instructions pretty well, then consider having a balloon twisting session during the party – the running about by the children will definitely reduce but no guarantee on the noise level. Might even increase…well, the signs of a good party in progress. If this is the case, you best start learning how to go about it before you have the teach in front of an audience….Read More

Photo by Jessica Begum (an eHow Contributor)
Photo by Jessica Begum (an eHow Contributor)

DIY Pinatas

Piñatas are now a common feature in children’s birthday parties. Other than cake cutting, the breaking of a piñata is a sure-proof way of adding vibrancy and squeals of delight from both children and adults. This high fun level does not come cheap though. An average piñata  can easily set us back by S$30, not inclusive of the treats and goodies needed.

Instead of purchasing a piñata, why not consider making one? This promises fun and quality bonding time with your little Precious Ones. In time to come, among all the long-past distant memories, the one thing the birthday child will most likely remember  is that she/he made her /his very own birthday piñata with you. You can, in fact, image how happily and proudly your child will announce “I made that myself with Mummy / Daddy” on party day itself….Read More

photo by Francis Janisch
photo by Francis Janisch

Decorating for a Party (1)

Decorations have always been an important aspect of any party – party ornaments allude a cheery ambience and add a celebratory vibrancy to the entire room.

Let’s explore some fabulous birthday party decorations ideas.

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Hanging decorations for a party

Other than balloons and buntings, lanterns make fabulous hanging decorations, guaranteed to liven up any party.

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