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Piñatas are now a common feature in children’s birthday parties. Other than cake cutting, the breaking of a piñata is a sure-proof way of adding vibrancy and squeals of delight from both children and adults. This fun-filled activity does not come cheap though. An average piñata  can easily set us back by S$30, not inclusive of the treats and goodies needed. Instead of purchasing a piñata, why not consider making one? This promises fun and quality bonding time with your little Precious Ones. In time to come, among all the long-past memories, the one thing the birthday child will most likely remember  is that she/he made her /his very own birthday piñata with you. You can, in fact, imagine how happily and proudly your child will announce “I made that myself with Mummy / Daddy” on Party day itself.

Here, we have a couple of recommended website for you.

There is no particular order of Most Preferred choice by us. There are no prizes for your choice. Maybe you will try one out for this year, and something else the next year. Just select any one as time permits or as you feel comfy with. Simply wanting your little Precious One to have a wonderful birthday celebration has already pinned upon your chest the badge “Best Mummy” or “Best Daddy”.


by Jessica Begum
by Jessica Begum (eHow)

This tutorial on How to Make a Donkey Pinata is wonderful – plenty of high resolution photographs to guide you step by step.

You can easily adapt the steps to make a different animal.

From personal experience, unicorns are a hot favourite among girls and boys alike. I say, just include a cone and there you have it, a unicorn. Well, you get the idea!

by WikiHow
by WikiHow

If cardboard is an issue, (as it is for me..couple of days after I have discarded the cardbox of my new electrical applicance, e.g. fan, rice cooker etc, led me to my regretful ‘Oh No!’), then you might want to use another easily available material – balloons.

This tutorial on How to Make a Piñata shows you the steps, plus some useful tips. A video is also available if you prefer the video-mode of learning.

By Happythought
By Happythought

If you have a very large party guest size, and you are keen to reduce jostling or disappointment by the younger guests, you may want to make a couple of these mini ones, put them at different spots of the room and group your guests according to ages. This way, no worries that an enthusiastic older child may accidentally bump / bash a younger, unsteady child while he/she is breaking the piñata.

This tutorial Rainbow Piñata with Pull String has clear photographs to guide you along. The bonus – a printable template is available.

Piñatas Alternatives


by grey house habour
by grey house habour

Punch Piñatas

If you cannot bear to break your prized Piñata, consider constructing a Punch Piñata  then. This ensures that every guest has an equal chance of getting a goodie from the piñata. Sort of like a sure-win lucky draw. Of course, you can choose to leave some “circles” empty to raise the excitement level. (boy! Is this mean or what?)

Check it out. It is downright cool. A party with a Punch Pinatas is bound to make for a wonderful, enjoyable and much talked about celebration.

And you know what else is good about it – yeah, we’ll get to recycle the Punch Piñata for the next party. Talk about cost savings.

by Play

Children Piñatas

If space is not a constraint, you may want to let the children run wild outdoors in a game of “Catch”. The difference is instead of having one catcher, all except the person holding onto the candy bag (also known as Candy Keeper) are the catchers. When the Candy Keeper is caught, he/she must freeze on the spot and the only way to ‘unfreeze’ is to throw out the candies and escape while the catchers are busy picking the candies off the ground. For more ideas on outdoor games, visit

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