From Parents to Parents…

We take on many roles in life. One of the most important is our role as Parents. It is not an easy path to trod upon, but yet we will not exchange it for anything else in the world. We are all in this together. Join us as we share tips with one another, be it through the Terrible Twos stage, or the preschooling stage…

Finding Time for Your Children

Parents can get help with their work, but it will come at a cost. Parents can find co-workers who are willing to do some of their work and offer to pay them for their time. They can also get a housekeeper to help them in the home, so that all their time and energy are not spent on doing house work when they get home. Spending a little extra cash, so you can spend more time with your children is a great thing to do. The rewards will be awesome, as the quality time you spend with them and the healthy relationship that is developed will last for a life time. Read more

Your Child's Mental Health


The ideal good mental health condition would be where the child is able to think clearly in social settings and learn new skills to adapt to the surrounding needs of the time and to also be comfortable with developing his or her own self confidence, high self esteem and an emotionally healthy outlook in life. Read more

What is 'Quality Time'?

Many of us have heard of and even used this term in our conversations.
According to the online version of Cambridge Dictionary, it is : time that you ​spend with someone, giving them ​your ​full ​attention because you ​value the ​relationship.
Under normal conventions ‘Quality Time’ would usually mean an extended period specifically dedicated to the other person you are spending time with be it a couple of hours or even a vacation of a few days, with minimal interference and distractions. So in essence, you are deliberately setting aside space and time to create an atmosphere of trust. Read more

Falling Prey to Online Ills

Tom was left alone many times because he is an only child and his parents were busy executives. He was not young enough to have a baby sitter and his parents thought he would be just fine on his own, as he had homework to do and he had to study to pass his exams. They didn’t know that he would not be doing only school work on the computer. He enjoyed playing games and watching movies whenever he took a break from doing school work, until one day he stumbled upon a…Read more

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