Mix and Match Party Bag MM101


4 Standard party fillers + 3 selected party fillers – one from each group: A, H and J.

Each Party pack include:
– 1 Kraft paper bag
– 1 Themed gift tag
– 1 Puffy sticker set (assorted designs)
– 2 12-inch balloons
– 1 item from each group: A, H and J.

(Minimum order quantity 6)

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Choose one from Group A


Choose one from Group H

Choose one from Group J

Themed Gift Tag

To see the designs of the various themed gift tag available Click Here

Please Note

*Items shown as not as scaled. For illustration purposes only.
*Items subjected to stock availability.
*Items are strictly based on assorted design basis, as indicated by number of girls and boys recipients only.

Themed Gift Tag

Birthday Bear, Fairy Wishes, Joyful Pets, Jungle Fun, Lasso Cowboy, Meadow Fun, Moon Explorer, Party Train, Pirate Adventure, Playful Robot, Prince and Dragon, Princess and Unicorn, Seashore Mermaid, Swan Ballerina, Underwater Pals

Select one from group A

children kaleidoscope, cartoon coin box, Wooden necklace, Children chopsticks, ceramic bird sound whistle, Eva foam art crown, Sequin tie, Maths flash card

Select one from Group H

Cartoon pen, Folding ruler, Lollipop pen, Unicorn pen, 6 in 1 colour gel pen, Template drawing ruler

Select one from Group J

Unicorn springy toy, Fan pen (no stock), Soft Ruler, Pony notebook, Cartoon long necked ruler, Smiley erasers